Movember Picture Donations

For the last week of Movember to try and raise as much money as possible I will be donating $1 for every person who takes a picture with a cut-out moustache, which I will provide, and allows me to post the picture up on this page. You can also make donations at my Movember Canada page here, any amount small or large is appreciated.

When you take a picture you're helping to raise money for some great research that focusses on mens' health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer, and mental health. While research is essential to knowing the causes and finding treatments for these health issues, perhaps the most important thing for everyone to learn from Movember is; PREVENTION! Getting tested and screened for these health issues and preventing/treating them early is the best way to deal with them, as it is with anything (disease, disorders, fitness and health). Hours of prevention can be worth weeks, months, or years in rehab/treatment. So be a true Mo'Bro or Mo'Sista and tell the men in your life to be proactive and get screened when they are of age, or if any signs/symptoms appear.

The grand total is $186 from pictures (186 people) taken and on top of that, there have also been some cash donations totalling $14, Thank you! Which Brings the grand total raised to $200!

 Thank You For Your Support!!!!

See your pictures below!