Athletic Functional Movement Screens (AFMS)

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The Athletic Functional Movement Screen (AFMS) is a full-body assessment that identifies strengths and weaknesses in joint mobility and muscular strength, muscle imbalances, and improper movement patterns. Weakness in any of these areas can decrease athletic performance and predispose athletes to greater risk of injury.

This assessment is a great way to help you move more efficiently, no matter what you want to move for. Being active in everyday life, playing sports, and any activity involving movement should be fun and enjoyable, and if you’re not moving properly or are getting injured this can hamper some of the positive attributes of physical activities.

One of my professors in undergrad (M. Mosher) told us that the saying, "Practice makes perfect" should actually be, "Perfect practise makes perfect". This holds very true to any type of training or rehabilitation program, because if you don't do it right the first time and keep practising the wrong/not optimal way, you'll adapt to the improper form or movement pattern. Not only can this predispose you to injury and poor performance, but it also costs you time and effort; you'll have to forget the wrong way and learn the right way all over again.

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Getting an AFMS can help prevent injuries by focussing on strengthening your musculoskeletal weaknesses and continuing to improve upon your strengths. Practicing improper techniques and form can result in imbalanced movement patterns and imbalances and can often be an underlying cause of why people end up seeking treatment from physical rehabilitation specialists (Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists). The AFMS allows for your exercise prescription to be specifically tailored to you and your body which will help maximize athletic performance and injury prevention.

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