Rehabilitation Services + Sport Specific Training


Injuries causing you daily grief or preventing you from enjoying the activities you want to?

I’m a Registered Kinesiologist and I’ve worked in Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinics as a Kinesiologist and clinic manager. With this experience, my education, and continually learning new exercise and rehab techniques, I can help you get back to moving well and pain free!


Along with proprioception, balance, strength, and functional training, I also work with many clients using rehab methods such as TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), assisted stretching, and light manual release. As well as teaching you how to stretch properly on your own time.


If you’re training for a marathon, tough mudder, or a specific sport I can help you prepare for that too! I have played almost every sport under the moon, and some at competitive levels.


I have trained for these sports myself and have helped clients train for multiple sports and events including; marathons, paddle boarding, tough mudder/obstacle course races, hockey, soccer, volleyball, and many more. Whether you’re trying to rehab and get playing/living again, or training to win the next race/game, let me help you get there safely and effectively