Personal + Semi Private Training


Personal training is a great way to learn how to workout and utilize a trainers knowledge and expertise to its full capacity. Whether you’re looking to start or maintain a full fitness routine and training program or just spruce up on your form or get some new ideas, I’m here to help!


I have been training and programming for individual clients for 10 years now as a Trainer and Kinesiologist. I’ve worked with an array of different clientele in different settings, ranging from weekend warriors in home gyms and parks, to training athletes and working with rehab clients in physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics. If you’re looking to start or improve your fitness routine let me show you how to workout in fun, productive way that incorporates high energy workouts and functional movements that will help you in your daily life and fitness endeavours.


I work with clients everyday either in my fully equipped garage gym downtown or I travel to many clients condos/houses/nearby parks around the downtown core and subway line. Send me a message with your fitness goals and current fitness level/routine below, along with any health/movement ailments or concerns and we’ll figure out a time and place that works for you!