Group Fitness

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Do you need the competition, comradery, and group mentality to get you through your workouts? Or if you’re just looking to mix it up and have some fun, group fitness can be a great inclusive way to incorporate many different fitness modalities and styles into your routine.

Let me take you and your friends, co workers, or any group you organize through a fun, educational, team building fitness class that will get your whole body activated and leave everyone sweating and smiling. 

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I’ve led semi private classes ranging from 5-10 people, all the way up to 50-75 person fitness events. No matter what your group size or setting, I’ll make sure to bring you a top notch fitness class you will learn and sweat in, and most importantly enjoy.

I can provide high intensity group workouts, full body workouts and stretching, sport specific classes, as well as group meditation and flow classes. Contact me below and we can set up the class you’re looking for!